Frequently Asked Questions


What is Melhor Institute ?

Melhor Institute of foreign languages is one of the top language institute in Hyderabad, India and we have been giving service from past 7 years to many corporates and individuals to train them in foreign language and assist in jobs here in Hyderabad, India and abroad.

What Foreign Languages does Melhor Institute provide?

Here at melhor institute for foreign language we do our best to meet your needs and provides you the language training you desire.

How do I contact Melhor Institute?

You can use the following options to contact us, please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions:
Call: 8688886379

How do I SignUp for a free Demo?

You can use the following options
Request a Demo
Call: 8688886379

Which other countries can Melhor Institute get me placed in?

Apart from Japan melhor has tie-ups in UK, German where you can get placed.


Can anyone learn a new language?

The brain can learn a new word in less than 15 minutes, according to scientists, whose finding will rob many of the excuse that they can't learn a foreign language. All one needs to do is listen to a word 160 times over that period, found Cambridge neuroscientists.

Can anyone learn a foreign language?

Yes. You should not expect it to be easy (it’s not) but anyone can learn a second language just like anyone can learn a first language.

Are you ever too old to learn a new language?

Collectively, this body of research suggests that one can never be too old to learn something new, but that the older they are, the harder it is for them to do so. ... Learning a new language may not always be easy for adults, but there is research to suggest that doing so is beneficial for brain health.

What is necessary for a language learner to have in order to be successful?
There are four main things that any language learner needs:
Good resources
and Melhor Institute makes sure to take care of your needs.
Do I have to study every day?

No, you don’t, 3-4 times a week is fine. However, on the days when you don’t study, you might want to at least listen passively to the language. If you do even a small language-related activity every day, it will help your brain to better remember it.

How do I become fluent in a second language?

The Top 10 Tactics for Learning to Speak Any Language Fluently
1. Talk when you read and write. Writing is a really important part of language learning, so you should never neglect it. ...
2. Think. ...
3. Watch movies with subtitles. ...
4. Imitate! ...
5. Listen to local music and learn the lyrics. ...
6. Read local literature. ...
7. Find a language learning buddy. ...
8. Talk to a native speaker.
9. Travel
10. Analyze different dialects

I’ve finished my course. What’s next?

Melhor provides job placements in Japan & UK which you can opt.


Why Japan?

Japan has the 3rd Largest ecomony is in need for manpower and due to good relations with India, Indian’s have a lifetime career opportunity in Japan with handsome salaries.

What do I need to do to get a Job in Japan?

You need to get trained in Japanese Language till N3 level which we provide at Melhor Institute, where we help you with the language and get you interviewed with top Japan MNC’s.

Do I need to look for a job in Japan after learning Japanese?

Melhor Institute will bring top Japanese MNC’s to you here in Hyderabad for an Interview.

Does Melhor Institute guaranttee a job in Japan?

On successfully completion of training, Melhor Institute has colabs with top japanese MNC’s and places interviews for you.