Spanish Language Classes

Essentiality of Learning Spanish

The importance of the spanish language is the third most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese and the Hindi language. It is estimated that spanish language is spoken in more than 25 countries all over the world and has about over 500million native speakers. The importance of spanish language is beneficial regardless if you do it for fun or for your career or just for personal travel. Recent polls of college students show spanish language is the most popular choice as a second language of students, surpasses other language favourites such as French, and German.The importance of spanish language as a business language in many large areas of the United States, the world’s biggest economy. Throughout the world, there is a very fast growing Hispanic background market that knows the importance of the Spanish language. In a decade, it is possible that the chances of the United States declaring itself a bilingual state with Spanish and English as Official languages.

Tests and Certificates

Any person whose mother language is not spanish language can take this exam. They must be at least 16 years of age and certify a minimum three years of high school education .The Certificate of Use of Language in Spanish or CELU, is an exam designed to determine the level of proficiency in the argentinian spanish language. The exam can be taken by anyone whose mother language is not spanish language and needs to demonstrate he has a certain level of proficiency of the language, whether it is for working or studying, in spanish language speaking countries.The Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language or DELE, are official diplomas issued by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science to participants who have passed a standardised test indicating their European spanish language proficiency. The diplomas are valid permanently. DELE is internationally recognised among public and private educational institutions and authorities as well as in the business world and chambers of commerce. In many countries, DELE has been adopted by educational authorities and schools as a complement to their own systems of assessment, such that it is used as an entry requirement for non-native spanish speakers. In order to prepare for the examination, sample examination papers and audio material can be obtained at the official website of DELE. The National Spanish Examinations are online, standardized assessment tools given voluntarily by over 3000 teachers throughout the United States to measure proficiency and achievement of students who are studying spanish language as a second language. The mission of the National Spanish Examinations is to recognize student achievement and to promote language proficiency in the study of the spanish language. NSE is committed to providing teachers with assessment tools and offering students opportunities to practice their language skills and know their spanish language proficiency rating through taking the exam.The purpose of the National Spanish Examinations is to recognize achievement in the study of the spanish language and to promote proficiency in interpretive communication in the spanish language . Many teachers state that they use the National Spanish Examinations to prepare students to take other standardized tests such as AP, IB, SAT II and college placement exams. Many administrators state that they can use data from the National Spanish Examinations to create reports to show how their schools have improved over an academic year.