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Along with economic globalization, social mobility has also raised the demand of learning foreign languages other than English. The ability to communicate in multiple languages is become more and more important in the increasingly integrated global business communication.

Addressing this need of the hour with a vision to remove communication barriers Melhor Intitute, foreign language training institute is born.

This institute was founded with two languages French and German in 2012 by Syed Mohammad Muzaffar Khan in Hyderabad, India.

1200+ Students

Later, we introduced other foreign languages like Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. We started corporate companies and MNC ‘s in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Started giving services to international schools in Hyderabad. With updated technology specific curriculum and best in class trainers, Melhor Institute has become the choice for every language learner. With successful students and satisfied clients across the world, Melhor Institute is now planning to go with technology and work on its online learning platform to make it more accessible for every one across the globe, while mitigating the biggest issue related to timing and travelling.

  • Published as India top 10 foreign language learning to institute in India by Silicon India 2019.
  • Crossed 3500+ student mark.
  • The institute follows international certified program under CEFR to offer training in all the six levels of the language training.
  • Once a candidate clears the program they get a worldwide valid certificate directly from embassy.
  • Melhor Institute differentiates from its peer competitors is its native trainers who help the candidates to learn authentic and practical use of vocabulary, understanding culture as well as the language while grasping actual accent and pronunciation. 
  • Leveraging technology, the institute offers online coaching(via Webinars) to students, corporate and individuals globally.
  • We also offers one-on-one classes through Skype. 
  • Melhor Institute conducts mock test every week according to the standard of the programs and ensure that the candidates shouldn’t face any difficulty during final test. 

We come from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds that range from international and native consultants. Every member of the Melhor team believes strong empowering power of knowledge.

We bridge the gap between those who have excess to knowledge opportunity and those who do not.

We’re going to discuss lots of benefits of learning foreign languages but the biggest benefit of learning a new language can’t even be seen by the naked eye.

Researchers from Dartmouth have shown that the brains of bilinguals have more engaged and enhanced neural connections than monolinguals. Many people used to believe that knowing a second or a third language was detrimental because the rapid switch between languages excessively burdens our noggin.

As it turns out, our brain can easily handle multiple languages without any problems. In fact, multiple languages serve as “exercise” for the brain, and studies have shown that learning a new foreign language can lead to elevated mental capabilities.

It can, for example, improve memory. A study tested the working memories of monolingual and bilingual children by giving them memory tasks. They found that bilinguals outperformed their peers on all counts.

foreign language can even have a positive impact on academic achievement. Believe it or not, it can improve your maths scores. A group of third–grade students was given 30-minute Spanish lessons three times a week for one semester. They were then given a standardized test called the Metropolitan Achievement Test.

The researchers found that the experimental group scored significantly higher in mathematics and language than those who didn’t receive language training.

In addition, it’s also been found that learning a foreign language improves decision-making and multitasking skills. And if that’s not enough, foreign language learning has been seen to delay the onset of dementia. So a skill you acquired years ago can dole out benefits even later in life. These are just some of the amazing benefits of learning a new language in general.

Studies show that decisions made in your second language are more reason-driven than those made in your native language. Contrary to popular assumptions, when we deliberate in a second or third language, we actually distance ourselves from the emotional responses and biases deeply associated with our mother tongue.

The result?

Systematic and clear-headed decisions based on just the facts.

We believe in strong Team!

Meet our talent pool, team working with Melhor.

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