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Have you ever heard that French is the language of Love!!

Why many great literature classics are in French!! This is one of the major languages that is spoken internationally too. So, if you are interested in building your international career, learning French will be a huge advantage. You will
find it useful in any field where you need to communicate in more than one language.

French has several idioms and expressions that will help you communicate with people of all nationalities. Melhor Institute Of Foreign Languages offers the best learning solutions in Hyderabad, both offline and online mode.


Efficacy of effective communication across multiple languages. Effective communication across multiple languages in an international career is crucial for international business. It strengthens business relationships and decision-making. It also enhances the professional image of the employer. Additionally, it can help increase employee satisfaction increase productivity and accelerate turnover. 

It can even improve overall financial results giving substantial growth.

Do you Know? 

Germanic Frankish influence on French

The Germanic Frankish people invaded present-day France in the fifth century and filled the void left by the fall of the Roman empire. They brought with them their Germanic language, which left a large impression on the French language. The French language retains some elements of the Germanic influence, such as front rounded vowels and loss of final vowels.

Frankish was originally a dialect of Low German spoken by small tribes in northwest Germany and the northwest Netherlands. Their settlements in these areas expanded southward and eastward. Eventually, the Frankish language spread and became the language of the aristocracy. The Frankish language influenced modern French, and words such as Brun and Fauve reflect this influence.

Impact of English on the French language

The French language is the second most widely learned foreign language in the world, after English. It is spoken in 84 countries, including Canada, America’s next-door neighbor, and its first commercial partner. In addition, French is the only language spoken on every continent except Antarctica.

Learning to speak the language helps you open many doors to the world and can improve your chances of landing a higher-paying international job. French is the official language of the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, The World Trade Organization, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the
Organization of American States.

Moreover, it is a top internet language. As a result, many international organizations and governments consider learning French a vital skill to be competitive.

Careers Opportunities In the French language

French is one of the world’s most important languages, and knowing it can open several career opportunities. For example, French theater and cinema are famous worldwide and frequently nominated for the most prestigious awards. It’s also a requirement for actors and actresses to know French, as many French film directors want people who can deliver their lines convincingly.

Globalization and digitalization have opened many job opportunities nationally and internationally. There are multiple job opportunities available in the French language, that require advanced language skills, such as language assessors and translators. Enter the global business scenario and manage your international meetings on your own with your French language skills. 


Add Another Feather To Your Cap

Learning a language is not merely to bag a job. It is like adding a new skill set, enhancing vocabulary, enhancing your mental abilities, and above all, it is adding another feather to the cap. So, learning just doesn’t stop with one language. The whole world is the book and be greedy to read every bit of it. It’s never too late to learn!!!

French Course Details

Levels Duration

 A145 Days
 A245 Days
 B145 Days
 B245 Days
 C145 Days
 C245 Days

We offers a very detailed course for the students. We have 6 types of levels in this.

  • A1 Level (Beginner)
  • A2 Level (Elementary)
  • B1 Level (Intermediate)
  • B2 Level (Upper Intermediate)
  • C1 Level (Proficiency)
  • C2 Level (Master)
Learning at Melhor Institute of Foreign Languages
 At Melhor Institute of languages, we offer the best learning solutions. We offer online and offline teaching as well. Personal mentor support lifetime slack chat and job placement support are the icing on the cake that we offer. Give yourself the gift of learning. Make your presence wherever you go and impress with your enchanting communication skills in multiple languages. 
Learning was never so easy with Melhor Institute, the center for creating excellence!!
Bon apprentissage!! 
(happy learning)

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