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привет (privet – hello)!!

You’ve probably heard about Alexander Pushkin’s revolutionary dictionary, which changed the written Russian language. But did you know that the language is also heavily influenced by the languages of western Europe? Pushkin mastered both literary and colloquial styles and put an end to the debate over literary style.

Ushakov’s dictionary

Ushakov’s dictionary for the Russian language is a comprehensive reference tool. Its entries include a definition and the etymology of each word, as well as forms in other languages. In addition, each entry has references to its sources. It is also organized alphabetically by etymological groups.

The Ushakov’s dictionary contains more than 700 entries and scholarly information on various aspects of Russian language etymology. The entries range in length from a single paragraph to several pages. They are designed to be easy to read and easy to understand.

Global Career Aspects of Learning Russian Fluently

A global career in a global company can be an advantage if you speak Russian fluently. IBM, a multinational corporation, is looking for talented individuals who speak the Russian language. Its mission is to make the world a better place through IT solutions. Learning the Russian language is a great way to gain this expertise.

Melhor Institute Of Foreign Languages offers the best learning solutions in Hyderabad, both offline and online mode. 

Job descriptions for Russian-speaking translators

A job description for Russian-speaking translators typically includes a qualification that demonstrates fluency in the Russian language. A translator will also need to be able to understand terminology and protocol used in different industries. In addition, translators must be skilled in cultural sensitivity. This means they must be able to distinguish between regional accents and regional dialects. Interpreters must also have a high level of accuracy and excellent listening skills. They also need to be willing to learn and adapt to new technologies. 

Here at Melhor Institute of Foreign Languages, we offer the best training in offline and online mode, so that you can continue to learn at your convenience. We train you according to international standards by the nationals of the country’s origin so that you learn the perfect diction and the true socio-cultural essence of the language.

Opportunities for Russian-speaking translators in international companies

If you are interested in working for an international company, there are many opportunities for Russian-speaking translators. Russian is an important language that has a large number of speakers. The language is also widely used throughout Eurasia. Russian-speaking consumers are eager to purchase innovative, technology-based products and services. As a result, the demand for translation services is growing across Russia.


Almost three thousand Russian translators are needed in the United States alone, and the demand for them is growing steadily. As a result, the translation industry is expected to grow at an average rate of 20% per year. It is also estimated that the language translation market will grow to $56 billion by 2021.

Among Russian translators, the highest-paid earners make over $78,000 a year. Generally, translation services charge by the hour, so the hourly rate for Russian to English translation is between $35-$60 per hour.

Add another feather to your cap

Learning a language is not merely to bag a job. It is like adding a new skill set, enhancing vocabulary, enhancing your mental abilities, and above all, it is adding another feather to the cap. So, learning just doesn’t stop with one language. The whole world is the book and be greedy to read every bit of it. It’s never too late to learn!!!

At Melhor Institute of languages, we offer the best learning solutions. We offer online and offline teaching as well. Personal mentor support lifetime slack chat and job placement support are the icing on the cake that we offer. Give yourself the gift of learning 

Make your presence wherever you go and impress with your enchanting communication skills in multiple languages. Learning was never so easy with Melhor Institute, the center for creating excellence!! (insert cta tab)

счастливого обучения !! 

(schastlivogo obucheniya – happy learning)

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